The Unique Nature of the Food Distribution Industry

The foodservice distribution industry is fiercely competitive and operates on extremely tight margins.  Every link in the supply chain makes a critical difference in the level of service delivered to customers — if any link is weak, so goes the chain.  Industrial Athlete University has developed comprehensive, innovative training programs and performance improving products for the critical food service distribution players, including:

  • Human Resources Hiring Personnel
  • Sales Associates/Representatives
  • Delivery Drivers/Route Associates
  • Routers/Delivery Planners
  • Warehouse Managers & Supervisors
  • Warehouse Selectors
  • Sales Associates/Representatives

The biggest challenge facing most of the positions in the foodservice distribution industry is that training is done on-the-floor and informally.  This means that workers receive inadequate training on how to perform their job incorrectly.  IAU programs are based on valuable, bottom-line focused lessons learned working with the top industry players in the country to single-unit family-owned and operated distribution centers.

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