OSHA-compliant safety training on-demand.

Innovative Sports-minded Skills and Safety Training for the
Industrial Athlete in the Food Distribution Arena

  • About IAU

    Industrial Athlete University is the only online-based skills and safety training company focused specifically on the food distribution and vending industry. Our goal is to help clients build highly-skilled work teams focused on safety, performance and customer service. Unlike the "same old boring" training, IAU takes a sports-oriented approach to our training programs that pumps up industrial athletes and motivates them toward results.

  • Our Training

    Success in an industrial setting is serious business. Workers need to stay focused and energized, and be engaged for it to be effective. IAU takes a hands-on, interactive, goal-focused approach to all our programs that are:
       Applied to distribution environments
       Rooted in actual work situations
       Trackable by individual trainee
       Focused on need-to-know skills
       Simple to administer
       Scaled for 1 or 1,000 trainees

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