IAU’s U-Labs is set the revolutionize the foodservice distribution center!

From idea generation to prototyping, the goal of U-Labs is to solve the age old problems facing the people and the processes of the standard distribution center. From need analysis and Ishikawa diagrams to brainstorming and morphological analysis, the U-Labs team works to understand the root cause of problems holding back people and operations from peak performance and adapts technology – or develops new technology – to achieve a new level of productivity, accuracy and safety.

When it comes to distribution center performance, the real difference is “change of mindset” not “change of racking”. Let’s face it: the benefits of space engineering and physical layout rapidly reach the law of diminishing returns. Remember that nagging problem you haven’t been able to solve for the last eight years? The solution hasn’t eluded you, the way that you’ve approached the problem’s been holding you back.

Some of the areas U-Labs has been tackling include:

– Employee screening tools

– Wearable computing

– On-board driver safety

– Next generation picking systems

– Automatic rack management

– Inventory Software 3.0

If you are interested in hearing progress updates on U-Labs’ newest innovations – and may be interested in beta testing – please Contact Us.