Safety Training

Safety Training

If an injury occurs in a distribution center operation, the first responder will be a paramedic and the second responder will be an investigator from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The first question they will ask you and our supervisors will be: “Was the injured employee trained to do the job?”

Industrial Athlete University knows that our customers hold employee safety as their number one priority. And, since much training is required or is recommended by OSHA, IAU seeks to partner with companies in the food distribution industry to help them train their industrial athletes to operate safely first and foremost, and navigate, understand and fulfill their training obligation to OSHA, second.

The IAU will work with your management and human resources team to help you:

  • Evaluate if training is needed
  • Identify training needs
  • Evaluate training effectiveness

Through close to two decades designing and delivering training programs to every role in the food distribution environment, IAU has developed and offers on a “per seat” basis a suite of safety training programs that are:

  • Based on clear goals
  • Distribution role-focused
  • Buoyed by interactive exercises
  • Include hands-on learning activities
  • Focused on creating behavioral change, when needed
  • Continually improved for effectiveness, and,
  • Updated as legal requirements change

Industrial Athlete University safety training is offered online. However, each participant may be assigned to complete “basic safety fitness exercises” and activities to apply content and information learned online to their actual work environment before successfully completing the training course.

For more information on IAU Safety Training, please contact IAU by completing the Contact Form or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak to an IAU representative.