Quiz: The Fundamentals (PWM/PPFs)

Now that you have completed the Understanding Peak Performance Fundamentals/PWM's First Take training session online, please take a few minutes to complete this quiz.



Which of the following are safety risks you need to be aware of working as an order selector?
Heavy and repetitive lifting
Operating heavy machinery
Slips, trips and falls
All of the above

True or false: You should notify your supervisor about any spills that you see in the distribution center.

To avoid lifting injuries, it is necessary to always lift cases using your:
Upper back
Lower back
Upper and lower back

True or false: A power grip is used by grasping a case on the bottom of the sides and by holding the case close to your body.

Which of the following should be completed before selecting cases for a batch assignment?
Obtain all needed equipment
Pallet jack safety check
Warm-up and stretch
All of the above

How far should the pallet jack be parked next to the racks while selecting?
Two feet
Shoulder width
The middle of the aisle
Both 1) and 2)

True or false: In most instances, selectors should keep the pick labels in-hand.

What is the correct order of selecting steps below?
Peel label, Jack stops, Pull case, Place label
Jack Stops, Peel label, Place label, Pull case
Jack stops, Pull Case, Peel label, Place label
None of the above

True or false: Selectors should dismount the pallet jack ONLY after it has come to a COMPLETE stop.

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