Quiz: Performance Standards

Quiz - Performance Standards Now that you have completed the Understanding Performance Standards First Take training session online, please take a few minutes to complete this quiz.



True or false: When it comes to selecting cases for customers accuracy and productivity BOTH count.

If a team of selectors had low productivity numbers what would that mean for them?
Longer work day
Getting home late
Less recovery time between the next days work
All of the above

Safety is the number one priority. After safety, which is the most important thing for selectors to think about?
A. Accuracy
B. Productivity
C. Impressing the boss
D. Choices B and C

If your company has a productivity standard, what's the best way to explain how that standard was created?
The managers and supervisors came up with it in a meeting
Based on times to complete the tasks to complete a batch all added up
It's based on the lowest performing selectors' times
None of the above

True or false: The Key Performance Indicator or Key Value Indicators allow for time for the selector to re-arrange and organize their pallet to keep it neat and stable.
True, but every selector should focus on not handling packages twice.
True, and it doesn't take too long to re-organize a pallet so it should always be done.
False, there is no time built in to standards to re-arrange pallets.
None of the above.

True or false: The bigger and heavier your pallet load, the more time you will be allotted to complete the batch/assignment.

Which of the following are considered when developing time estimates to complete a batch/assignment?
Distribution center layout
Loading dock door location
Pallet jack speeds
All of the above

True or false: To help ensure their safety and well-being, selectors are generally given allotted allowances for personal breaks, stretching and fatigue throughout their assignment/batch..

True or false: Labeling while you select the cases and parking close to the racks are two methods to save you time.

What is one reason why a selector might not reach performance standards?
They get distracted and talk with other selectors.
They don't follow the preferred work methods.
They try to build the perfect square pallet, every time.
All of the above.

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