Quiz: Navigating the Center

Now that you have completed the Navigating the Distribution Center First Take training session online, please take a few minutes to complete this quiz.



Which are areas inside the distribution center?
Storage area
Administrative area
Loading dock
All of the above

Where does batch picking start in the distribution center?
Supervisor's office
Locker room
Order desk

The distribution center you will be working in is designed to do which of the following efficiently?
Easily locating boxes/cases of goods
Traveling quickly from point-to-point
Moving goods in and out fast
All of these things

Where are completed and wrapped pallets placed?
The loading dock
In the middle of an aisle
At the order desk
None of the above

Which products below are NOT stored in the cooler?
Fresh meat
Frozen pizza

Hint: Frozen items are not stored in a cooler

When you receive a new batch assignment, what will that assignment tell you?
What to select
Where the cases are located
Which pallet to stack the items on
All of the above

True or false: Emergency exits should ONLY be used in the case of an emergency where your well-being is at risk.

True or false: Exits to be used in the case of an emergency are located at the back AND the front of the distribution center in most cases.

True or false: If you are not selecting cases or training you should not be located on the distribution center floor.

True or false: If you are walking around the center on foot, it's important to stay within marked walkways.

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