Employee Assessments

Industrial Athlete University is one of the first companies to develop employee diagnostics specifically for the unique nature of the food distribution operating environment.

Through a decade of study and observation, IAU has identified two critical areas where employee assessments are critical to help ensure an efficient and safe operation. These areas are:

  • Hiring and Employee Retention
  • Management & Supervisory Leadership Development
  • Executive Strategy Assessment

IAU has developed three testing and assessment instruments to help:

PIST – is a pre-employment screening assessment that helps human resources teams select order selectors and delivery drivers that will perform their jobs with focus, drive, and in a safe manner; and to hire employees with an inclination toward career longevity with one company.

TAIS – helps operations teams assess the personality and leadership potential of supervisors and managers, and to develop and implement management develop plans including key learned skills and behaviors that will most impact their performance on the field.

ExecutiveBIO – helps executive teams assess and gain a clear understanding of their operating culture and to gain an understanding of how “in sync” each member of the leadership team is with every other member and with the company president or chief operating officer.

For more information on each of these assessments, please follow the link under the ‘Testing’ menu, complete the Contact Form, or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak directly with an IAU representative.