LMS Systems & Integration

Learning Management Systems & Integration

Industrial Athlete University has a training and learning management system and solution for food distribution companies of every size, but all have one goal in mind: to help companies organize their training effort in a way that’s easy to manage.

Custom Training Portal Development

Some businesses don’t have the knowledge, expertise or time to create, set-up and manage their own Learning Management System. IAU can create a stand-alone portal for companies of any size and for a virtually unlimited number of users. IAU offers 100% integration and SCORM-compliance so as training courses are completed, the company’s in-house Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is updated with training progress, scores and competencies earned by each training participant. Custom training portal content can be company hosted content, proprietary IAU-developed content, or both. If your company is currently using another vendor or LMS, the IAU technology team can move archived data and files directly into your custom-developed solution to streamline future enrollment by repeat training participants.

Outsourced Learning Management System

IAU uses its own powerful LMS where training content, video, audio and documents are available for download by companies that prefer to rely only on IAU-developed content. The IAU LMS will keep track of enrollment and report progress back to most industry-standard Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Use and access to the IAU outsourced LMS is included in the cost of IAU training programs.