Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Industry

Industrial Athlete University has worked for some of the largest commercial laundry and textile rental companies in the country and has also been the leading provider of custom video production and training services to the Uniform and Textile Services Association (UTSA) and the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA).

The most common challenges facing the commercial laundry industry are safety, supervision, sales, and general operations management.  In an industry where workers are routinely placing their hands and fingers near flat presses, irons, baskets, and washers, the amount of training performed continually falls short of the associated risks.  Industrial Athlete University exists to help our clients create a safer and more effective operation for their employees.  To do this, we have produced training videos and have developed online and hybrid training programs for virtually every role in the commercial laundry facility, including:

– Production Worker (from Soil Sort to Shrink Wrapping)
– Maintenance Technician
– Shift Supervisor
– Facility Manager
– Sales Associate/Account Representative

For more information on Industrial Athlete University’s training programs for the commercial laundry operation, please complete the contact form.