Why Sports?

Our Sports-minded Approach

For a little more than the last decade, the IAU team has been working almost exclusively in the food distribution industry. It is tough work. And, there’s not a lot of difference between a top performing professional sports team and a successful food distribution work team: both succeed through goals, support from the “front office”, a safe playing field, a strategy, and ongoing training. But, that’s not all.

Workers as Athletes

If you think about what makes a successful athlete, it’s the same thing that makes a successful worker in the food distribution company: strength, endurance, the ability to plan work, motivation, and the mental ability to focus over long periods of time. It’s the same formula whether the employee is working let-down, put-away, order selecting, or making deliveries. Every training program that has been developed by IAU takes an athlete- and sports-minded approach to develop a workers’ capability to not just do the job, but win at it. IAU creates Pro’s.

Motivating and Engaging Training

Based on our experience, 80-90% of the workers the IAU team has encountered over the past decade — and at every level of the food distribution organization — have been sports-minded. In short, they love sports. Ask them what they did on their day off and they’ll tell you they either played a sport or watched one on TV. IAU is the only training organization that taps into the true passion of the training audience. IAU has created training content and a platform that:

  • Uses athletic concepts geared toward peak performance
  • Is goal-focused
  • Where training is scored and measurable
  • Leverages the use of training coaches

And, here’s where IAU is really cool: each training program can be customized to the athletic passion of each participant. This means that trainees have the opportunity to select the sport in which they would like the examples and analogies used to explain training concepts are given in, including:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Fishing
  • Soccer

Not only is the training given from a first-person point of view perspective, the trainee chooses the theme (or skin) of the training from the get-go, and they dictate the pace of completion and training direction depending on their specific needs.

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