About Industrial Athlete University

Industrial Athlete University, or IAU, is a provider of innovative and online-based training programs for the hard worker in the food distribution industry. After decades of experience working in the distribution, manufacturing and warehouse industries, our team realized that there is a need for a different, more engaging and specific type of training for people who perform hardened jobs in a tough distribution environment — especially in a unique environment around food and food products.  Just like professional athletes on a playing field these jobs require a unique combination of mental toughness, physical fitness, skill development, tactics, and an attention to detail to stay safe.  These hard workers are the true industrial athletes.

Industrial Athlete University is dedicated to their pursuit of excellence and safety.

To train the industrial athlete, IAU has developed several products and programs for companies of every size, from one to hundreds of trainees, including:

    • Web-based Training
    • Interactive DVD Training Videos
    • Blended eLearning/Instructor-led Training
    • Employee Assessments